When the craving for Korean cuisine hits, I find myself heading down to @ajummasg these days. All of their mains (bar one) are under twenty dollars, and they are quite massive meals on their own. I’ve had my eyes firmly fixed on their Crispy Samgyeopsal with Creamy Scrambled Eggs & Soy-Yujia Sauce ($15.90++) for a while, and I finally got myself a bowl of this long anticipated dish.⠀

For possibly the first time ever, the picture on the menu sold this dish short as the portion was gargantuan! Colossal cuts of pork belly (samgyeopsal) roast are mustered in orderly rows on a firmament of scrambled eggs over white rice, garnished simply with shredded seaweed & drizzles of that soy-yujia sauce. It’s a simple dish of just five elements, but it’s primally satisfying. The savoury roast pork boasts a colossally crunchy rind, and the meat is fairly juicy and well seasoned. The scrambled eggs are a little unevenly cooked, with some parts being more omelette than scrambled egg, but there’s nothing particularly egregious about the egg.⠀

The pork belly isn’t the most tender, and compounded with the tremendous thickness of each slice, the samgyeopsal can become a bit of a jaw workout. Still, it is far from being a dealbreaker, and the flavour of the roast pork belly will keep you powering through. At the end of the day, Ajumma’s doesn’t have the most stunning Korean fare out there, but they certainly maximise the return on your modest investment, and they’ll satisfy even the most avaricious of appetites.