tried the portobello mushroom with grilled bacon and it was alright but was a little let down due to the rave reviews by past burpplers (had higher expectations i guess) but all in all not bad! decent cafe food especially at the price point

am a truffle fries lover and will always order it if it’s offered on the menu at any establishment however the truffle fries not shown here were really quite bad unfortunately (could have been because we were the last order so maybe the fries weren’t fresh or fried well🥺) - if anyone reading this is looking for good truffle fries, out of my recent burpple visits, try out south union park (they’re kinda out of the way tho)

but the service was great + really good place to study too because they didn’t chase people out who were studying (they weren’t very crowded) so definitely worth checking out if you’re around nlb!!