Love the aesthetics of this neighbourhood ice cream shop, with the carnival themed decor and ice cream character graphics. Cosy space for a sweet treat in the West.

The buttermilk waffles was served warm with a crisp exterior. The use of buttermilk made it more flavourful and moist, but on the denser and cake-y side. Enjoyable in smaller portions but a tad too heavy on the palette; wished it was more fluffy and airy (although this probably comes down to personal preference). Also would have preferred if the generous drizzle of maple was optional/ kept to the side, although glad that it wasn’t too sweet.

Was tough making a choice among the 28 flavours but went with the recommended hazelnut. The ice cream was thick, creamy, and somewhat stretchy. Had distinct nutty flavour but did feel that the big chocolate chunks overpowered the hazelnut at times.

📍@icmnf, 01-23, Taman Jurong Shopping Centre, 399 Yung Sheng Road, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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