I was running an errand in the Upper Thomson area and had ordered a plate of Yummy Noodle House's curry noodles with meatballs when I noticed Ping Kee popiah in a corner at the back of the hawker centre and decided to check them out.

Ping Kee's popiah turned out to be delightfully good. Each popiah is stuffed to the brim with braised turnip, crunchy beansprouts, hard boiled egg, grounded peanuts and lapcheong.

I like that their popiah skin is a little thicker and chewy. The texture is closer to a tortilla skin. I prefer it this way as it tends to hold the fillings better and do not break or leak that easily. I also like that their turnips are not that mushy and still retain a little crunch. There is also a lovely roasted nutty note from the grounded peanuts to complement the subtly sweet braised turnip.

You don't hear much more about Ping Kee but you should definitely check them out when you are in the area!

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