This is the pork katsu rice with demi glaze sauce! The pork katsu is pretty crispy and not too jelat. The tomato fried rice is hidden by a blanket of soft fluffy omelette 🍳 Indeed, the egg is the main lead of the dish here as it possesses all the traits of how a good egg should be cooked - smooth, creamy, and flavorful! Surrounding it is a sea of demi glazed sauce which is actually a stewed brown sauce. I love how well it combines with the omurice, it is definitely a delightful combination of eggy goodness!

There is also a salad bar which serves free flow kimchi, corn, mash potatoes, garden salad, and egg pudding! Hot beverages such as tea and coffee are also complementary. The portion is really generous here and my close friends would know that I am quite a big eater, so it really satisfied my appetite! What a steal 😍

All in all, Pecori serves really authentic Japanese food and I feel that this dish is the closest I can ever get to Japan!