Have you tried Impossible Pork? It’s a new product from Impossible Foods that’s now available at Tim Ho Wan. It’s chock full of protein but contains fewer calories, less fat and zero cholesterol but still tastes just like pork! Here’s what I had from this new collaboration:

~Steamed Impossible Pork Teochew Crystal Dumplings (3pcs for $8.00)
~Deep-fried Impossible Pork Sesame balls (3pcs for $7.00)
~Steamed Impossible Pork Mushroom & Chives Bun (3pcs for $7.00)
~Pan-Fried Impossible Pork Pickled Mustard Greens Dumplings (3pcs for $8.00)

I have to admit I didn’t have much expectations before trying these dishes, but I was left pleasantly surprised how good they tasted - as much as the real deal! My personal favourite amongst the 4 dishes is the Deep-fried Impossible Pork Sesame balls. It’s made with QQ skin, filled with Impossible Pork, chopped carrots and onions. It's crispy and sweet!

You’ll get a complimentary limited edition Dim Sum Tote Bag with any purchase of 2 Impossible Pork Dim Sum Dishes. Available at all outlets from now till 31 Dec 21, and also for delivery via @grabfoodsg, @foodpandasg, @deliveroo_sg, and @oddleeats.