Besides the wondrous wanton noodles, Kwang’s Black Char Siew ladles up what is possibly the most divine dumpling soup in Singapore. I’m not exaggerating, this really is a spectacular bowl of soup, and all it cost me was a green note ($5). I’ve already reviewed the wantons, and while decent, they are admittedly a little forgettable. So, why is this bowl of soup so incredibly exquisite?⠀

Firstly, most of you will have noticed the translucent white chunks in the soup. That’s correct, Kwang’s simmers radishes in their soup to give it a clean, crisp & delightful sweetness. Secondly, notice that the soup is a darker colour than the vast majority of wanton soups out there. I can’t confirm this, but I highly suspect that this soup starts out by boiling pork bones, which would explain the deep, delectable sapidity & rich body of the soup. And lastly, the more eagle eyed of you may have spotted the addition of more cubes of pork lard in the soup. It’s unhealthy, but unbelievably delicious.⠀

Kwang’s wonderful wanton soup is definitely not your bog standard, vaguely pepper flavoured water that holds a bunch of soup dumplings. No, this is the gold standard of all wanton soups out there, and every wanton soup aspires to be this titan of taste when they grow up. With wanton soup this phenomenal, imma weigh one ton pretty damn soon if nobody restrains me.

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