Fast food isn’t quite my thing, but there is always an item that grabs my attention every now and then — and its usually the limited-time specials that I just seemingly feel like there is this “need” in me to check out because they just sounded too tempting; maybe that, or perhaps I just a sucker for items featuring local fusion flavours.

Case in point, the Golden Durian Mochi is one such item that really got me so excited that I had to give KFC a visit (I am more usually inclined to try out items from the Golden Arches more than other fast food chains; you may call me basic at that). I wasn’t really bearing much of an expectation; half thinking they may have screwed it up badly with the grease, the Mochi or even the durian lava, but I actually left being rather impressed with what I got out of a fast food offering. To my surprise, the Mochi was surprisingly well-made; the glutinous rice ball coming with a texture almost akin to having Muah Chee in a round, ball form — gave a good chew and was relatively sticky, but didn’t turn out particularly greasy whilst coming with a crisp, golden brown exterior. Inside, the molten durian lava may not be one that bears any fibrous durian flesh, but it does not taste too artificial — there is a distinct pungent note going on here amidst the sweetness. Needless to say that while I am one who usually shares items like that across the table, this was something I am pretty sure I would not be sharing — having just one and stopping it right there is not quite enough for me.

I am not a big fan of KFC given how inconsistent they are with their fried chicken across their outlets around Singapore; it’s an option that I would only go for if I am craving for fast food-style fried chicken. But this; it’s something I would least expect out of KFC — its quality being one that I would find to be above the standards normally set out by fast food restaurants. That being said, take this write-up with a pinch of salt; I got mine freshly fried upon order since they had fried a new batch and they came piping hot, not to mention the inconsistencies may vary across outlet — just have an open mind whilst giving this a try.