I have been visiting Ginza Tendon for many years now. First introduced to me by a friend, I have since brought my family and numerous friends, all of whom have loved it. The prices remain affordable, and the portion sizes have been consistently generous.

Ginza Tendon offers a variety of options to suit different preferences, from vegetable-only dishes to seafood and pork lovers options. My personal favourite is their speciality mix, which includes a delightful assortment of vegetables, mushrooms, juicy chicken breast, and ebi prawn, all expertly battered and fried. I do not know how they do it, but their eggs are always cooked to runny perfection.

The accompanying sauce is exceptional, and I always spam it over the rice. Every set also comes with authentic miso soup and chawanmushi. Additionally, they offer rare Japanese sodas in a wide variety of flavours.

Weekends and Friday nights can be quite busy, and they do not take reservations. To avoid long waits, the best advice is to arrive early. 😋