For Singaporeans whom are not familiar with China, yunnan(云南) its famous for tourist hotpots such as lijiang and Shangri-la, this is a very popular tea joint in 昆明kunming City known for the super large cup and fruit infused teas. Very happy that they are here in 🇸🇬 Singapore, so that we all can enjoy the true authentic tea leaves from yunnan mountainous highlands. What you must try is the 花田乌龙 peach 🍑 oolong latte with real fresh milk, it has this natural fruity fragrance infused into the tea leaves, and every sip packs a 👊 fruity punch, blasting your taste buds.
The tangerine pu er latte 柑儒以沫 too, has a stronger tea taste that leaves a lingering aftertaste of 🍊 tangerines, with a tinge of sweetness, engulfing your senses.
Glad you're here and looking forward to my next giant cup of tea again! 🙌