Chili Padi Nonya Cafe 03/08/19

Overall, I would concur that this buffet is somewhat worth its money for the VARIETY offered. However, it is definitely not worth one's calories in terms of the quality of food presented. If this food was presented as part of a buffet catering service, I would be pleasantly surprised but considering that its a buffet restaurant instead, I expected a lot more. Many of the dishes really did not taste fresh, especially their fruit cakes and kueh lapis at the dessert section. Would strongly recommend the restaurant to improve on the quality of all of their dishes first before working on the variety.
Price: 7/10 (For the variety)
Taste: 3/10 (I was craving for quality Peranakan food the next day)
Overall: 4/10 (Even if you are in the area, I will not recommend)

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