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Hiked out here for the coffee. My sleep schedule is upside down so having coffee at night is my new normal. The place is located in an oddly-designed building whose architect's guiding principle seems to be ensuring you can't get to where you want to go. Enter at your own risk. Fortunately, November 8 can be accessed directly from the street, provided you are lucky enough to stumble upon that entrance. Good thing I have plenty of practice locating things using GPS, thanks to geocaching. The barista was super nice and tried to brew us a small cup of Panama Esmeralda Geisha from some leftover beans, which only stoked my desire to have a full cup soon. The coffee was pretty good, sticking to my own rule of thumb -- V60 for citrusy varieties and affogato for dark chocolaty varieties -- yum yum. The waffle was very enjoyable, crisp and light and perfectly complemented by the creamy ice cream. Gone in minutes 😋