Assorted Sashimi (6 pcs), 1 pc Gindara Teriyaki, 1 pc Ebi Tempura, 1 pc Teppanyaki King Prawn with Cream Sauce, 2 pcs Futomaki, 2 pcs California Maki, Choice of Tori Tatsutaage (Deep Fried Chicken) or Yakiniku (Stir Fried Beef), Miso Soup.
This is the most expensive set in their lunch set menu. The sashimi was fresh, gindara was ok. Ebi tempura batter was not too thick. The king prawn with cream sauce was absolutely yummy. Futomaki and california make were both huge and nice. Futomaki had breaded prawns in it. Yakiniku beef was just OK. I finished everything in the set. An above average meal, good for company lunches (not out of own pocket 😂) if I were to return again, probably try their cheaper lunch sets. Many options available.