Sin Hoi San at Tiong Bahru.

Brought my team for a dinner with 2 tables, ordered 7-8 course dinner for 16pax and the portion seems like a normal dinner which may seems a little for 8pax per table. Half of the Lala served was not fresh, 70% not opened. Also, the steam fish we ordered was NOT EVEN fresh, we're UTTERLY disappointed. It smells so bad that we could smell it the moment it was served! The meat was so rough instead of soft and tender. Another table of our colleagues didn't even wanted to touch the fish and request to remove it from the table (means it's really THAT BAD). With that being said, the manager in charge even knew that we were from the F&B industry and she even argue with my guest who Is a Master Chef that the fish is freshly ordered and freshly steamed, my chef can even explained to her about the fish and all she can said is "the fish is fresh, if you don't believe there's nothing I can do" It was so embarrass as a host. We weren't even asking for a refund or a discount, but just a replacement of a new fish. And she just walked away. If this is the way they run business. I am speechless about it. I'm definitely not going to return again. LOUSY!

Come to think of it, during our first visit when we decide on the menu, the staff actually suggested to deep fried the fish, with Thai sauce somemore! Now I though of it, If deep fried you actually can't taste of the fish is fresh or not, esp with Thai sauce it would actually cover the taste of the fish. Very smart tactic. And this is the first time we ever seen Hongkong style so dark! SERIOUSLY zzzz.