Students these days are really lucky, considering the type of F&B establishments that have opened up in campuses of the late. Located within SPROUT at Temasek Polytechnic, MAO Milk Bar is opened by the same folks behind Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar (the same premises is also home to Fume by The Burning Oak as well). Offering cakes, ice cream and bubble tea options to students on campus, the focus of MAO Milk Bar would be their bubble tea menu with its variety of flavoured pearls that is made in-house.

Going for the flavoured foam items which I am more familiar with, the Oolong Tea here comes with a floral fragrance — pretty aromatic though not the roasty type that some may prefer. The brown butter foam helped to add rich, creamy and savoury note to the entire deal much like how a macchiato would, further enhance with a hint of vanilla. Only qualm was how aerated the foam was; no doubt my personal preference would be for something more similar to that of a mousse, but the bubbly and inconsistent texture of the foam was something I was not too fond of here and could be improved on. Still, a relatively decent (and indie) option compared to other more commercial joints, and a good addition to the campus.