It’s a famous icecream high-end brand in my home country, Philippines. Known for their quirky name of their icecream flavor, “He’s Not Worth It”.
Surprised to find that they have a cozy stall in Capitol Bldg. here in SG.

We ordered two items from their menu. First was 3riple Treats Sundae. It is their best-selling sundae with a trio of treats: scoops of the famous cheese ice cream, caramelised candied almonds, and sweet dried figs. To top up, it has a swirl of tangy sweet orange caramel sauce.

Verdict: I find it very sweet though. The toppings were too much for me especially the orange caramel sauce. Could have been better a topping that can balance out the sweetness of the cheese icecream.

Another thing we ordered was a scoop of their “Madagascar Vanilla” which was made from real vanilla beans. We loved how it tasted, not too sweet but milky.