The Bee Hoon standard was well maintained. It was moist like before and very smooth for swallowing. The plates of Bee Hoon were warm too. My choices of items are fried chicken drumlet, mixed vegetables and Wu Xiang.

On the second portion, we had a mixture of fried noodles with Bee Hoon. Our preference will be the latter as it was wet and was not oily. Tau Gua, Luncheon Meat and Otah were added to this plate. It costs $7.80 for both Bee Hoon & Noodles.

The chilli on the plate was mildly spicy and enhanced the taste of the fried items on the plate.

While a lot of coffee shop serves the usual toast, YY Kafei Dian has this additional Bun that you should not step out o the place without.

While many modern cafes are increasing, this makes coffeeshop like this a gem for retaining their traditional heritage. It does make us feel restored and charged going places like this once a while after sinking ourselves into those uptrends cafe.

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