Went for the buffet. Total regret. The ambience is nice enough. Seating is comfortable. The waiter advised us to place a larger first order as subsequent orders might take longer to arrive. We placed our order… waited about 10 mins for two dishes to arrive. Every subsequent dish took about 10 mins in between to arrive too. So we decided to place our second order before our first was complete. Dishes from our second order came before dishes from our first. No idea what system they use, but they gotta fix it.

Food. Food was all cold. Only the hotpot was hot. Taste was very mediocre for the most part. Portions were tiny, which would be okay for a buffet, but at the delivery rate… it’s more like snacking than eating dinner. I wish i were kidding when i say that the beansprouts was one of the best dishes in the buffet. The pregnant fried fish was decent too.

To conclude… just use your money elsewhere. Read the other reviews. Enough people have suffered so that you don’t have to either.