Barramundi dish was delish. Succulent flesh accompanied with a creamy potato mash. Potato mash was seasoned with something lemony to take away the oiliness of the fish.
Score: 8/10

Salmon dish was a let down. Sides were overdone and slightly dry. Skin was a little too salty for my liking. Potato mash that accompanied was a little stale. It kind of gave the feeling that the mash was plated slightly too early before the salmon was placed on the dish for serving. Too oily, will not re-order.

Wild mushroom soup:
Not bad, but mushrooms in the soup seemed to have been placed in a blender and blended before being served. Truffle flavour mainly came from the the bread in the soup. Soup itself did not impress, have tasted better homemade mushroom soup elsewhere. Reminded me of baby food.
Score: 5/10.

Though food is just a mere pass, service left a lot to be desired.
Waited more than 1 hour before food came. Water only came after being seated for half an hour. And when food was served, it came in the wrong order.

Will I return? Perhaps, but only if you've plenty of patience and time to spare.

Went to The Malayan Council, the one near to ACS junior.