We came in the afternoon at 2PM, so we looked at their lunch menu (12.30-3PM). When paying - and this was BEFORE 3PM - they charged us the Night Menu (3PM-10.30PM) prices. I was shocked and asked them why - they told me Burpple deals follow the “main menu prices” aka Night Menu prices which were more expensive.

I didn’t really like that, but didn’t make a fuss about it. Afterwards I realised the menu that’s linked on the Beyond redemption page is the Night Menu too. It would’ve been a lot better if this was communicated to us beforehand (we did tell the waiters that we were using Burpple at the start) so we wouldn’t get a shock looking at the bill.

Otherwise, the food was overall good but pricey. The Hokkien Mee was tasty, at the same time tasted healthier and less oily than ones you get from hawkers - this could be good or bad depending on your preference. $16 before GST is a bit much for such a dish - I know I shouldn’t compare to a hawker price but I can’t help it. Even with the Beyond deal I would not order it again.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a yummy dish. Perhaps if you didn’t have a budget and wanted to eat hawker food without it being too greasy, this might be a possible choice.

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