Eat which store: Dumplings-RU
Eat where: 32 Maxwell Rd, #01-05 Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115, Tanjong Pagar
Eat nice not: 4/5
🫑 Stuffed bell pepper ($15.95): What I’d consider to be the star of the show. Pocketed within, meats are deeply infused with the flavours of the pepper while retaining the quintessential melt-in-your-mouth texture from the flavourful fats. Immediately transports you to a home in Russia with it’s the warmth of a home-cooked food.

🐟 Seledka (Salted Herring) ($14.90): Don’t be too taken aback from your first salty bite! This tender, cold and fatty palate is indeed an eye-opener to the cuisine. Paired perfectly with the carbohydrates, it neutralises the savouriness while providing ample warmth and sweetness to complement the herring.

🍗 Kotlety ($17.49): The mashed potato was served with an acidic tang which surprisingly works. Chicken patty although one-dimensional, had a bouncy texture alike a sausage frank. Salad has an acquired acidity which was crunchy and unlike any others.

🥟 Combo platter (12pcs) ($21.89): Our exotic entrée (main actually,) which is mainly made up of mashed potatoes and minced savoury meats, though they all taste pretty similar to me. 😅The skin is considerably more chewy compared to the conventional dumplings we’re used to! The dip has an uniquely acquired-tasting alcoholic end. 😳
Dumplings-RU intricately balances flavours on two end of the spectrum to produce exotic combinations which will undoubtedly surprise your SE-Asian tastebuds. 🙌
Tips: Make a reservation before coming down!!
*all prices stated includes 10% service charge.