Sotong (aka squid) is a Peranakan staple, but instead of ordering something traditionally Peranakan like Sotong Hitam, I couldn’t resist the allure of the BBQ Sambal Sotong ($13.80++ for a small serving). Barbecue sambal sotong is a dime a dozen in Singapore, but Chili Paid have absolutely knocked this one outta the park.⠀

Squid that’s been slathered in Chili Padi’s sambal chili is grilled and ready to wow any tastebuds. The squid is so unbelievably fresh that you’d need to harpoon the squid yourself if you wanted it any fresher. The firm, perfectly textured squid adopts the feisty, fiery flavours of the sambal effortlessly. Chili Padi’s sambal skews toward the salty side, so there is a huge hit of savouriness and spiciness that is supported by undertones of sourness & sweetness from the sambal.⠀

What makes Chili Padi’s squid exquisite is the smokiness from the grilling. The char acquired from the grilling deepens the sapidity of the sambal, and injects a sensual smokiness that heightens all of the flavour attributes there. All you need is a heaping big plate of rice with a full dish of this sambal sotong, and you’re good to go. Absolutely scintillating sambal sotong, and if you like it, put these sotong rings on it.