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Island Café & Bar is running a set menu promotion until 16 June 2017. Choose any main course and a choice of home-brewed drink for $22. You can choose those mains that are on the higher end to make the best out of this deal!

I'll give it to Island for putting that much of ingredients into a bowl of laksa which probably explains its price tag but I prefer my laksa gravy with flavourful dried shrimps and spicy shiokness. Island Laksa seems to suit the "ang moh pai" more as the spiciness is significantly toned down with much milkiness comparable to latte. Too lemak too jelak. Oh and it was my first time having laksa noodles with crunchy shreds of cucumber. Comforting to know that I'm getting veggies while downing this bowl of high-calorie noodles but they didn't go that well together. It's not my kind of laksa but glad that I finally tried the well-known attas laksa! 😅