A favourite of the heartlanders living around this area, this cosy little parlor already had a queue waiting outside at 1pm! They’ve got some really interesting flavours: The first we got -✨Butter beer -actually contained the familiar alcoholic essence of beer and even packed a fizzy aftertaste🍺 Whereas for the✨Smoked chocolate...my friend swears by it, but I like to limit my smokiness to charcuterie😅 I’d stick to the classics like ✨Honey & Hay or ✨Pistachio here, where the muted flavours don’t overwhelm accompanying scoops or the waffles.
Speaking of which, their charcoal waffles are EXTREMELY crisp and light, blurring the line that separates “waffle” and “biscuit” - each piece crumbled beneath my knife just like how a biscotti would. The final garnish: lavender florets sprinkled atop the caramel drizzle, lending a floral touch to each bite! 😋