Tried the - black milk tea with panna cotta - and - jasmine green tea with plum jello -

Black milk tea with panna cotta is gooood! 9/10 for the taste and aesthetics. Pretty unique as well. For the price though ($7.50) its pretty ex without burpple beyond :”) But the panna cotta really elevated the tea leaving you with such a creamy texture 🥰

Jasmine green tea with plum jello wasnt as good though :( Would rate it a 6.5/10. It was pretty sweet which required us to add water to dilute the drink. The plum jello also contributed an element of sourness to the drink but we didn’t really enjoy it. Wouldnt get this again!

Overall would def come back for the black milk tea w panna cotta!!! Would wna try the strawberry too.