Pictured bottom left.
Unfortunately, I could not adequately appreciate this pasta dish. It was difficult to make out the flavour of the sauce albeit looking rich and thick. It tasted rather flat - a thick consistency of tomato, and it did not even taste tangy. Meant to be garlicky, I was given a little box of garlic bits at the side. But even after mixing it, it did not complement the dish nor seem to elevate its flavour. The garlic flavour (which I believe I would have appreciated) was undermined by the overwhelming basic tomato flavour. I must applaud the generosity of fresh prawns - 6! As well as the pasta in general. They weren’t skimpy with the homemade linguine, which I appreciated. However, it might be the case of takeaway food, the linguine was a tad too thick to my liking, and may have been exacerbated by unavoidable sogginess in the takeaway box. While I am glad I tried it, I would be going for other options on their menu next time.