Seems like one can never finish trying the various Cheese Tea shops around Suntec City — there just seems to be one coming up in the area every few months.

Saw the hype on social media about the various items that they have, but the Oolong Cheese Tea is certainly not the Bubble Tea Revolution that they seem to hold their name to. The tea was fragrant with a slight roastiness, but the body could certainly feel a little more fuller, while the cream cheese felt more cream without much cheesiness; didn’t carry that pungent punch as much as I wish it should. Coupled with the fact that there isn’t a choice to state your preferred level of sweetness (at least not visually stated on the menu nor was I being asked about it at the counter), and that it comes with the usual cup lid rather than the one that usually comes with cheese tea which makes it hard to enjoy the cheese tea at its best, it is one that I would give a miss on.