Let’s start with what I liked about this Tamago Sando ($7): I love how the homemade egg mayo wasn’t overly cloying or rich, so it was really light and easy to eat. The freshly cracked pepper was a great and discernible touch as well, keeping the sandwich from getting stale after the first couple of bites. What I didn’t quite like: the shokupan, as promising as it sounded, was neither fluffy enough nor toasted evenly. That meant a toast that’s not exactly soft or fluffy, not exactly crisp either, with extremely chewy crusts (I don’t mean that in a shiok way). It was very generously buttered, but without even toasting certain parts of the shokupan tasted solely of melted butter. I also found the sous vide egg in the centre a tad overcooked; so instead of a creamy, luscious yolk, we got a drier grainier one. This really was a very decent tasting sando and an exceedingly affordable one too, so really I ain’t complaining — I’m not that big of an idiot. But I definitely wouldn’t head down specifically for this.