2 pax
Total cost: $60

Ordered one Mookata set, one somtum poo pala (aka fermented fish and crab papaya salad, thai milk tea and, oolong tea.

Set came assortment of pork meat, chicken meat, squid, prawns, sausage, imitation crab, eggs, tanghoon, and an assortment of vegetables.

Papaya salad was mediocre, not packed with flavour as it should have been. Crab was tasteless. Would not order again.

Milk tea is normal. I heard you can order an xxl size. Oolong tea is from the can. Nuff said.

Dipping sauce... guys dipping sauce here is heavenly.. perfectly sweet and savoury enough to compliment the meat. 10/10 would drown myself in it.

Overall experience?
Environment is suitable for low key outings with close friends as it is rather warm. Food wise,a set is enough for 2 person. We were stuffed by the end of the meal. This place is good enough for a visit again although it is on the pricer side.