The tortilla chips w guac & sour cream was alright - some chips were still warm, and went well with the cold guac/sour cream.

The quinoa salad (served cold) was rather refreshing, and I particularly appreciated the little crunch bits which elevated the dish.

Chicken tacos were flavourful, with a balanced proportion of juicy & charred chicken cubes, melty cheese, mashed beans, cabbage, tomatoes, served on a lightly toasted flour tortilla. Pretty decent, but not outstanding.

Latino pasta came piping hot with a savoury crab & tomato sauce, and lots of crispy garlic bits. They were rather generous with the crabmeat! I liked the sauce which was tasty & not salty, but if I were to nitpick, I think linguine wasn’t the best choice of pasta.

The tres leches cake was a super spongy cake - the texture is was somewhat like a soggy bread? The coconut milk (I think) was light and not jelat at all. I’m on the fence for this one, because while I sorta enjoyed it (other than the too-sweet canned pineapple) as it was a refreshing dessert, the soggy bread texture put me off a little.

P.s. owners of tonito please bring tono back, I loved that place and their ceviches/appetisers/SERVICE :’)