This large bowl of glorious goodness greeted me after about 30 mins of queueing during the lunch peak hour. Some of the items, such as the Yong Tau Foo and the Char Siew, were slowly sold out as I inched closer to the front. Fortunately, I still managed to snag this Chicken Cutlet Curry noodles, 大 ($5.50). On the first mouth, I could taste the coconutiness of the curry. The gravy was light and not overly spicy such that I could easily slurp down every last drop of the sauce. The alkaline noodles were abit soggy and could be more springy. The Chicken cutlet was the main star of the dish for me. Freshly fried due to the constant snaking queue, the chicken cutlet was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. There was a slight hint of prawn paste as well. The perfect combination was when I doused the chicken with the curry, letting that crispy skin soak in all the lemak goodness. On top of all that, there was also free flow pork lard I could add for that extra crunch. I will definitely be back again to try the other dishes that were sold out.