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Kki Sweets specializes in mousse cakes, which look really pretty and delicate, so I've been wanting to try them for the longest time. I finally did but I feel that this is rather overrated. First, be warned that each cake costing $8-10 is teeny tiny, which makes it quite an exorbitant treat. While there was nothing horrible about the cakes and I could tell that a lot of effort had gone into molding them into the masterpieces they were aesthetically, there was nothing exceptional about them flavour-wise. My fave of the lot has to be the Domu, which was a rich blend of coffee, chocolate and hazelnut and had the most robust flavours among the 3 cakes I tried. The Antoinette had a fragrant and light vanilla mousse, which I enjoyed, but I couldn't taste any hint of mango in its molten mango center (I believe some juicy tropical tartness would have accentuated the vanilla :/). The Nao, a strawberry and pistachio cake, was also missing the nuttiness of pistachio. I probably won't be back in the near future because these cakes are really pricey yet do not satiate my dessert cravings, but if you have some change to spare, there is no harm in trying them for yourself. Plus you get to while an afternoon away in their beautifully furnished Muji-style cafe :)