PRICE: $15.90+ for lunch buffet

TIME LIMIT: 90 mins

- Have to write our orders on a paper, pass to the staff and wait for them to take the ingredients/banchan for us. Luckily we went during lunch hour, not full house, staff were attentive
- Choice of 3 types of korean fried chicken
- Sadly didn't get to eat ice cream because we had passed the 90-minute limit. Bill was served immediately. Would be better if staff actually reminded us that our dining time would be up soon and asked if we'd like to be served our ice cream. We were not the only buffet diners who didn't get to eat the ice cream.
- The meats were well marinated and flavorful
- Shrimps are the only seafood option (on our lunch menu)
- Side dishes were nice
- Free refillable cold korean barley tea

WILL WE RETURN? It's our second buffet here. But will probably try the opposite rival shop next time for comparison.