There's something about large slabs of meat, in this case, char siew or Chinese-style braised pork belly slices, sandwiched in between steaming hot flower mantaos (RM25) and some slices of pickles for a little soury kick - making this the ultimate comfort food on a rainy day. Pork belly Satay with Pineapple peanut sauce (RM18) was had on this occasion too. Meat seasoned and grilled to familiar Kajang satay flavours. Hidden deep inside BIG grocers in an unassuming dark corner, one might need to look twice and run through a maze that is also called the Alcohol section. I would highly recommend to wine and dine at Currently French La Closerie Des Lys white and red are on offer for per glass orders (RM25). Go for the red to complement your roast. All in all, a great place to get porked.