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One of the best vegetarian tze char which I have ever tasted. Their signature sweet and sour delight taste so good, in fact it taste much better than the non vegetarian version! Personally, I like their brinjal as well, the outer texture was crispy and the brinjal was soft and juicy. We felt that their “cheeky monkey” is a little bit too cheeky, I mean salty 😅. Well, but it is not till the extent that it is unbearable for us 😬. Their mee suah taste really yummy as well, the noodles were springly too. Many thanks to my friend who have introduced and brought us to this plant based specialty restaurant. Quoting from their website “If plant-based ingredients could be creatively put together to achieve great taste, more people around the world would be happy to embrace quality plant-based food in their everyday lives”, we would like to say that indeed we were blessed and happy when we were enjoying the tasty dishes. 😊