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Finally visited the (once) raved about Western Co. Kudos to the new (& very young) management for trying to provide good service with smiles despite the peak period. Visited on a Sunday noon time, and it was almost full house. Ordered the Ying Yang Signature Combo for $20.90 including a $5 raclette cheese top up along with Chicky Burger $16.90 & Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce $9.90. I understand that they were pretty much understaffed & it got to a point where orders were mixed up & customers who ordered later got their food earlier than customers who ordered way earlier. 45 minutes into my wait after placing my order, one dish appeared. 1 hour later, (I'm not kidding), another dish arrived and yet another 1 hour 20 minutes later, the last dish (finally) arrived. The staff did come over to apologise for the wait but to be honest such a long wait is really unacceptable considering how the crowd started to clear out after awhile. When my signature Ying Yang combo came, it came without the raclette cheese I paid $$$ to top up for and they had to take it to the back again to scrape the cheese off the wheel. & they took another 5 minutes to do so. Food was substandard & below average & definitely not worth the prices paid. Nothing worth raving about. If the management wants to make it, they definitely have to do something about the way they're managing the order flow, no one is going to wait an hour for a battered fish...