I foresee myself being addicted to this. First time at Paik’s and I decided to give the spicy tofu stew, which is a new dish on their menu, a shot. It came in a small bowl, and I slightly upset with how small the portion seemed. However, coupled with rice (which was an add on of $1), it made a perfect meal. The soup was so flavourful because it contained many ingredients, completely taking me by surprise. In this small bowl was a generous amount of tofu, minced beef, sotong, tiny shrimp 2 clams, and finally finished off with a lovely egg. It lived up to its name of being spicy and I’m so glad it did (you know the disappointment when the menu says it’s spicy but it isn’t?). This meal really gave me all that warm fuzzy feeling, it was so comforting to eat as well as it satisfied my Korean stew cravings! For $6.90, the amount of ingredients in an ostensibly small bowl makes it worth it; and it might even be difficult to find.