This modest restaurant sees long, snaking queues for dinner everyday, so many now come here for supper instead. Do the same and round up a few friends to share this comfort-giving meal over late night chats. The Buttermilk Chicken (from RM8) is good as gold, featuring large, tender chicken pieces in a rich, creamy butter sauce. For those who avoid chicken because of bones, rejoice in their boneless version, which will cost you an additional RM1. Also good is the Buttermilk Sotong (from RM10.50) with toothsome, batter-fried squid that relies on the same sauce to satisfy. Have these luscious dishes with the Tom Yam Fried Rice (from RM6.50) — a great sourish, spicy main to help the meal along.
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Martin Wong