Look no further for authentic Hakka food — this stall has even got a nod of approval from Burpple Tastemaker Ni Zhen's mom, who is Hakka. Get the Soon Kueh ($1 each), which will please with its springy skin and generous belly of ingredients that includes dried shrimp, black fungus and, of course, turnip. Also order the Abacus Beads ($2), which are made from a mixture of pumpkin and yam. Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou describes them to be "soft, chewy, and a touch starchy, with each button holding just the right amount of bite". The dried mushroom and dried shrimp add lots of umami flavour too! If you still have it in you to eat more, try a portion of their Hakka Yong Tau Foo ($3). Pro tip: The stall sells out as early as 1pm, so come for breakfast.
Avg price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou

They have beef only? Have no chicken or fish ?