At the basement of Takashimaya, this eatery is known for its authentic Japanese Udon and Donburi. I have never been to Japan, so I can’t really comment on that 😊 I do really love the texture of the fried ebi (3 pieces) and the accompanying vegetables. Very crisp outer layer and the prawns are fresh thought not huge. Comes with 2 slices of pumpkin and 1 huge slice of lotus root. Pumpkin is great, but the lotus root is quite hard. Sauce was appropriately provided for, drizzled onto the dish; I was apprehensive at first and thought I had to ask for more sauce as I do not see much of it and the color was very light, but to my surprise, it is just the right amount and it wasn’t too salty or too light. Add on some sesame seeds (available at the table) and it’s even better.
No ambience to rave about, as it is pretty much an open space filled with many Japanese stalls, though they all have their own dedicated area. I like the concept that you order your food at the cashier and a seat will be allocated to you, thus even if you are here to dine by yourself, a seat is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about placing your bag at your seat and leaving it there in order to head over to the cashier to place your order. I will be back. 😊

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