I love KL Hokkien mee and it’s a must for me to get my fix when I visit KL as I haven’t found a good one here in Singapore. It’s not photogenic but it’s too yummy not to post about it.

I’ve grown to like Restoran Ahwa’s version and it’s one of my go-to supper places. It’s perpetually crowded and it may take quite awhile to get your food served. One can choose to have it with the standard thick round noodles, bee hoon or mixed. The noodles are fried over charcoal and this brings out a superb wok hei (burnt) flavour. Also, it’s the dry style so there’s little to no gravy to slurp on. The dark sauce that coats the noodles is so delicious though.

There’s a decent serving of sliced pork, lard, prawns and cabbage. I wished they could add in more lard but probably they’re trying to make the dish less sinful. But Hokkien mee is meant to be eaten with loads of lard. Don’t forget to have it with the sambal chilli which is spicy and pungent. The prices starts from RM 9 per person which is on the higher side for local standards. They do have other classic noodle dishes such as lo shu fun and wat tan hor on the menu but I’ve never tried them.

The coffee shop serves other dishes such as the ikan bakar (grilled fish), satay, lor bak, popiah and rojak. The grilled fish here is amazing but a small portion would set you aside RM 27.

Cholesterol and calorie laden but it’s always alright to treat once in awhile right?