It’s been a while since I’ve had Wow Wow West’s fish & chips since the letdown last time, and they’ve pulled off a remontada (for those not in the know of football twitter lingo, a remontada is a colossal comeback) that’s as gargantuan as these fish fillets.⠀

The breading is as crunchy as I used to remember it, and the fish within was firm, flaky and perfectly fried, albeit a little lacking in salt. Yup, two of these fabulous fried fish fillets, a mountain of crisp fries, a heap of coleslaw that leans towards the sweeter side of the spectrum, and baked beans costs eight dollars. Oh, don’t forget to ask for more of that housemade tantalising tartar sauce, because that magical elixir makes the fried fish absolutely ambrosial.⠀

Eight buckaroos for a gut busting, fantastic food coma is pretty cheap, and you can take that to the bank. That’s right, these fantabulous fish & chips are doing their thing again. Wow Wow West is back!