It isn't smothered with heavy cream, it doesn't leave a sickly cloying aftertaste, and I've never... NEVER liked carbonara, but I relished this, along with all the bacon sitting pretty or tucked in between the slippery spaghetti strands.
OMB (Oh My Bacon!) has revamped their menu to include non-bacon items, possibly catering to people who might not want bacon during a get-together meal (but why are they your friends then? - just kidding). Dishes worth trying include salmon fish cakes, chilli soft shell crab on toast, and king prawn spaghettini, which showcase the chef's ability to conduct a repertoire beyond the cured pork belly.
A must-order is the chilli bacon cheese fries: a potent formula of salsa, stringy melted cheese, Sriracha tomato sauce, and the ubiquitous bacon. Even your not-a-bacon-lover friends will find this irresistible.
Thank you @burpple for the invite, and @ombsg for hosting us! #Burpple #BurppleTastemaker