The burpple deal made it affordable for us to enjoy this treat! My partner has been eying this eatery for a long while and has finally satisfied his curiosity. Unfortunately the seafood chowder was changed to 2 drumlets, but tasty nonetheless!

The drumlets are very similar to Burger King’s Mexican drumlets, but with more peppery flavours that adds the spice.

Out of 3 lobster roll choices, both of us went for Connecticut as the original flavour would be served cold.

The sandwich bread was light and fluffy, and perfectly buttered and toasted. Something akin to the “lobster salad” was filled on top of some melted cheese, and the roll was topped with 2 lobster chunks. Flavours were great, and the meal was completed with a side of chips (tapioca, cassava?). Yum!

Thank you for getting on Burpple so we can enjoy more of these.