$32.90 per pax for weekend

There are a total of 5 sections

- seafood (crayfish, squid, prawn, flower crab, oyster and salmon)
- meat (3 different flavor of pork, beef and chicken. They have black pepper, spicy and garlic)
- steamboat items (standard items like hotdog, crabstick, fishcake, cheese tofu)
- veg (golden mushroom, cabbage, lettuce, quail egg, maggi and glass noodle)
- drinks

What i like about here is that they really segment the different sections very clearly.

And as the name of the stall speaks, they have melted cheese in a small compartment beside the pot for us to dip our prized items in it.

The soup waa rather clear and tasteless. U need to have meat going on at the grill for the juice to drop into the soup, enhancing the flavor

Overall, it was quite worth is for the price!

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