At the new DC Mall's Tigerlily, the fare is 'pawsitively' Thai, affordable and served in a flash — all the things a work lunch should be. The pretty, pastel-coloured venue fills up between 11.30am to 2pm, but if you can snag a seat for you and your colleague, order the value-for-money individual plates. Popular Thai noodle dish khao soi gets a revamp in the tasty Thai Red Curry Mee with Chicken (RM9.90), stacked with a bundle of crispy noodles for extra crunch. But most come for their fulfilling rice dishes, from a warming Tom Yam Seafood Claypot with Rice (RM16.90) to the Thai Basil Minced Chicken Rice (RM9.90) for meaty comfort. All rice meals are served with Thai fried egg (likened to a crispy omelette), pineapple salad and crispy crackers. Priced at a super affordable RM4.60, the Thai Iced Tea is definitely the way to end a meal here! Unless of course, you're up for a dessert first — have the Mango Sticky Rice (RM9.90).
Avg price per person: RM25