i LOVE ajumma’s - it is pretty much my korean comfort food place 🤍 so my reviews may also be biased, but i also feel everything i’ve eaten there is AMAZING.

- crispy samgyeopsal with creamy scrambled eggs: never goes wrong, love the thick chunks of crispy pork belly together with the creaminess of the scrambled eggs… HEAVEN. but if you have a small appetite please order one to share because the portion is HUGE

- kimchi pork belly stew: this is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE because the soup is SO flavourful… i love kimchi and this stew is going to be heaven for any kimchi lover. love the pork belly slices in it too.

- fluffy steamed eggs: it is exactly like what it sounds like - very fluffy steamed eggs. can’t go wrong there.

- soy garlic chicken with crispy topokki: it can sometimes be a bit dry but i love the topokki especially with the sweet soy sauce

- omija hwachae: so refreshing and a palate cleanser after a full meal!

overall 9/10