Wasn't quite feeling "meaty" that day, so I went for the Yellowtail Fish with Preserved Vegetable Noodles ($10.80), also available in pickled cabbage instead of preserved vegetables. Pretty tasty stuff. Served in their signature pork bone soup, it's like having tonkotsu ramen but with chunks of succulent fish instead. What's different is the addition of preserved vegetable (梅干菜), which gave the flavourful soup a complex, savoury depth.

If you need more to fill up that tummy, there are many tempting appetisers to choose from, such as Pork Wanton in Chilli Vinaigrette ($5.80), Long Jing Tea Lava Egg ($1.80) and Chilled Silken Tofu with Century Egg ($2.80). The latter two were refreshing appetite openers; the lava egg a molten version of Taiwan's signature tea leaves egg (茶叶蛋).