Choon Yien takes up two lots in Section 17's Happy Mansion and yet, seats fill up fast come lunch hour. The crowds are here for their Roasted Chicken (from RM7), which is what you should come for. The smooth, fleshy chicken gleams with perfectly browned skin and a sprinkling of fried garlic that adds a delicious dimension to the dish. Beneath the chicken lies a bed of beansprouts, imbued in soy sauce. Save this spot for a long lunch break with your colleagues because it's bound to end up a full-on feast. We say that with knowledge of Choon Yien's also stellar Char Siew (from RM7), sporting well-rounded layers of flesh and fat as well as a smoky char on the edges. Get also the Kai Lan (RM5), doused in the same garlicky soy sauce as the chicken. Ordering is easy β€” simply let the helper know how many of you are dining and she'll portion meats accordingly, alongside seasoned rice and soup for each of you.
Avg price per person: RM15