Mix Grill Platter - Chicken, Grilled Pork Skewers, Prawns, Sous-Vide Beef & Bangkok Jam Signature Salad

I enjoyed the chicken, grilled pork skewers very much as the were very fresh and well marinated without being too salty. The pork skewers were so soft and tender I thought it was chicken at first. 😅 The beef is cooked medium done and streaks of red could be seen in the middle portion of the meat, which might not be good for people who are avoiding raw meat or just put off by the sight of blood. The texture of the beef is tender and there is a lingering bbq charred taste to it. However, it is not the best I have tried ( because of the cut of the beef used ) and there are lots fatty portions that is not edible and you have to cut it off. The medium size bbq prawns is the least enjoyable of all IMHO. It comes intact with the head and everything so be prepared to use your hands. After peeling and biting into the prawn, one would notice that the meat is too dry and salty and you cannot really tell the freshness of the prawn.